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As the entire cryptic world has marked its calendar for May 31st to what Tron [TRX] the foundation declares independence. The countdown to the huge event was definitely started in the far April and there is a long time before the event starts.

Tron Foundation tweeted:

"14 days, 14 hours, 37 minutes, 40 seconds, to be precise! #TRON declares independence May 31st (GMT + 8). "

With the installation of TRX MainNet, the team does not look forward to making a revolution with their new public blockchain, which they claim to be one of a kind. The entire community of TRON is waiting with high hopes to actually see some changes and that the project remains at the top. With the transformation of the network, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron [TRX] he assured that they will take control of Ethereum very early while flaunting their "perfect Blockchain".

The TRX team has made every effort to alert and inform users before migration takes place to ensure free chaos. Most exchanges agreed to cooperate by extending their support to this huge deal for them. They are still awaiting support from many other exchange platforms and one of them is CoinPayments who recently asked the exchange to support their token exchange.

Another good news for the Tron community of Justin Sun:

"Last year was a Maserati and a Mercedes-Benz.This year we are bringing our giveaway to a whole new level – your dream home! Stay tuned."

Token migration includes a token exchange from ERC-20 to the Tron-Tron resource [TRX] which is scheduled for June 21stst until June 25thth. All users who hold TRX in their wallet are required to deposit them with any of the exchanges that support the migration process before June 11.50 pm (GMT + 8).

Phil Kirkham, owner of TRX, says:

"Why migration can not take place inside a portfolio? I hate having to spend more TRXs to extract them from the exchange once the conversion is done." Tron should do what EOS is doing where I can create a contract to exchange the ERC20 tokens with the main net coins. "

James Barn another trader complains:

"Yes, a little crappy, we have to spend money on transfers for updates ??? Why not be" For the people "who believe in you and create a wallet that supports it instead of trading to start with ?? "

The Tron team also worked behind the scenes to improve their user interface and as a result have recently announced a new design for their website.

Sfx-81, a Twitterati says:

"I'm not going to ask too much." If 1 TRX could buy me a snickers bar, I'd be happy. "Hopefully, good things will come with the imminent launch of the main network." Justin! Snickers bar and beyond !!!! "

Tron [TRX] it is currently priced at $ 0.06 with a market capitalization of $ 4.3 billion, which is a slight decline. Supporters and traders are hoping for big gains and better figures after the main net launch.

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