“The Masked Singer” (ProSieben): drastic spoiler! The newspaper unmasked three stars


The character “The Skeleton” is on the stage of the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”

© Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

The assumptions of “The Masked Singer” on ProSieben continue – or not? A newspaper has now apparently exhibited three celebrities.

  • The “picture” wants to know who is among the three “The Masked Singer”-Costume hides.
  • So I’m dealing with it Daniela Katzenberger, Lucas Cordalis is Sarah Lombardi.
  • However, this has not been confirmed and the newspaper worded it with caution.

Cologne – Audience guesswork is the cornerstone of the hit show series “The Masked Singer” to ProSieben. Who hides behind this or that costume? The clues point to this or that Promi leave? This is the salt in the soup of the show, including that 3rd season – and the surprise sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, when the mask falls off at the end of a show. The third mask will be released on November 3rd.

The Masked Singer (ProSieben): Three celebrities allegedly on display

The spoiler is now the Image-Newspaper. And already three celebrities exhibited before the show on Tuesday night (November 3). On the one hand, it’s bad Spoiler. On the other hand, you should also be interested, otherwise you would hardly have clicked on this article.

It is about meerkat, the Erdfrauchen and the skeleton. First of all: the resolutions are not officially confirmed – and neither is the Image it uses terms like “should”, so it doesn’t want to commit to 100.0000%. That’s the big hook. Furthermore, the information contains no surprises, just what many had already suspected. Or a candidate’s girlfriend had already spoken.

  • meerkat bei “The Masked Singer”: Lucas Cordalis
  • Erdfrauchen bei “The Masked Singer”: Daniela Katzenberger
  • skeleton bei “The Masked Singer”: Sarah Lombardi

The Masked Singer (ProSieben): Katzenberger / Cordalis are said to be a meerkat pair

So writes said Image online behind a payment barrier. As a result, the Katzenberger / Cordalis couple is housed in an apartment in Cologne. One Insider it is quoted as follows: “Sometimes they are even driven separately to the show”.

Even with the information that behind the skeleton there is actually the in Colony resident Sarah Lombardi hides, uses the Image the restrictive term “must”. Neither Lombardi nor Katzenberger / Cordalis respond to a request for the sheet. No wonder, they are contractually required to keep silent. And ProSieben also keeps a low profile. So in the end, somehow but nothing confirmed. And you can continue to puzzle. Juror Ruth Moschner had a very crazy theory about meerkats and earth smokers. (lin)

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