The man who tricked Cosmin Contra into getting him to Dinamo, where he didn’t get a single euro in 3 months: “I’ve been used!”


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The former coach said, live at Digi Sport, of not having received any money during the three months spent at Dinamo. Additionally, Contra claims to have been used by people in the new leadership.

“I don’t know if the money came in. There was news that I received a lot of money at the signing. After three months of work and all these problems, I didn’t receive a single euro! There were daily expenses, I gave 7,000” Euro advance in an apartment, money that I will lose if I leave Dinamo now. The project was just out of words. I spent money here, but I did it for pleasure, I wanted it to be okay. “

Juan Melero tricked Cosmin Contra into coming to Dinamo, where he didn’t receive a single euro in 3 months: “I’ve been used!”

Unfortunately, I got used. I trusted Juan Melero, I had known him since I was training at Getafe, but he was no longer part of this project. He gave me assurances that the Spaniards were trustworthy, but that didn’t happen. I feel disappointed, I feel used, but in life you have to have things like that. I tried to do my best.

My only regret is not being able to give satisfaction to these fans, I have not given them any joy. They showed their love for the club, we didn’t measure up to them. It’s my only regret, it’s their only joy “Cosmin Contra said during the Liga Digi Sport show.

Dinamo are in 15th place, penultimate, in League 1, with six points obtained in 10 rounds. Contra took over the team in the second stage, after Gheorghe Mulțescu led the team in the first stage, with Hermannstadt.

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