The main OKEx encryption platform launches Bitcoin Cash [BCH] margin of negotiation


OKEx, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, is poised to enhance users' experience with the launch of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] margin of negotiation. Announced today in a blog post, the exchange is also ready to adjust the limits of the loan margin. The platform has planned to start the margin trading Bitcoin money [BCH], the fourth most valuable digital resource in terms of market capitalization, combined with Tether [USDT] and Bitcoin [BTC], ie BCH / USDT and BCH / BTC with 3x lever.

Moreover, "BCH support for OK PiggyBank " is another change as mentioned in the post. The platform has also pushed up the limits of the loan margin for all of its tokens. It is also mentioned that the available loan amount is twice the account balance of the trading partner's account or may be the maximum loan amount & # 39;"Depending on the value, it is smaller".

Recent developments

The latest development of the platform shows that OKEx opened the year positively with the launch of Ethereum Classic and Litecoin perpetual swap. It has been recently announced that the perpetual exchange of these altcoins is available on the stock exchange from 2 January to 11 (CET, UTC + 1) onwards. In addition, the highly anticipated hardfork of Constantinople of Ethereum will be supported by major exchanges of cryptocurrency including Huobi is OKEx. OKEx has instructed its customers to deposit their ETH tokens in the exchange and administer them to meet the hardfork requirements.

In addition, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] he is also making new moves at a dizzying pace. Recently, Kraken, one of the leading US cryptocurrency trading platforms, has launched margin trading for this digital currency and RippleL & # 39; XRP. In addition, Bitcoin Cash, or as some would like to call it 'The Real Bitcoin'; is making progress in terms of adopting the real world. According to some sources, it is accepted as a payment method by over 945 online retailers worldwide and in 670 brick and mortar dealers.

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