The latest developments of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain TRX

TRON September 2018: latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain TRX

The latest development of TRON – September 2018

Marucs, the former Alibaba Data Mining expert, Zhao Hong, decided to review the progress made by the network in September 2018. The first thing he mentioned is that for version 3.1, 90% of the nodes have completed your own update.

Furthermore, 26 of the over 27 SRs were able to complete their update. The last SR is working to conduct the final review.

Also October will be a good month. After the October 8 vote, the Tron Virtual Machine should be officially activated, along with decentralized exchanges and the committee.

Marcus has also made a reorganization of the development plan that TRON has. The blockchain network plans to have a small update and a big one every quarter.

The big update will be related to several main features after communication with the community. TRON will also work to maintain its compatibility, however, when incidents occur, TRON will issue an update through the committee vote.

On November 15th there will also be a small update in progress. Then, in December, a larger update will also be released. TRON will optimize the performance of the solidity nodes for version 3.2. At the same time, it will also use the memory database as the default main database.

To prevent the nodes from resynchronizing the data, TRON will have an automatic backup of the database and snapshots. Some of the features for the big update include the status of the account. FastSync function, Multi-signature function and anonymous transaction function. Furthermore, TRON will add the BFT consent mechanism to version 3.5.

Finally, Marcus explained that TRON is more decentralized than other networks such as EOS and Bitcoin (BTC). Although decentralized, the network still has more plans to improve its decentralization levels.

The project will use mixed clouds and physical servers to be able to decentralize the nodes of the network.

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