The Last of Us 2 gets the new Abby Story trailer


The Last of Us 2 launched last June, so you wouldn’t expect the game get new progress or something. However, seemingly out of nowhere, Sony has decided to release a new story trailer for Last of Us 2, which shows Abby’s perspective.

Note that those who have not yet played The Last of Us 2 may receive SPOILERS from the trailer, so proceed with caution.

The trailer for Abby’s story in The Last of Us 2 begins with her testimony of her father’s death at the hands of Joel, which occurred at the end of the first Last of Us game. Then quickly move on to the events of The Last of Us 2, framing Abby’s quest for revenge in a more complete light. Those who have yet to play The Last of Us 2 may be confused by this, but those who have already made it to at least halfway through the game will know exactly why the trailer does.

Abby en The Last of Us 2

Around the middle of The Last of Us 2, players take control of Abby and play as her for much of the game. Abby’s gameplay segment in The Last of Us 2 was a moot point for fans, but others praised her for actually humanizing the “bad” people in the story and showing how characters like Ellie and Joel aren’t necessarily. present. in the “Correct” section. Others, however, disliked having to play a character they didn’t like and criticized the game for spending so much time away from the established cast of characters.

While playing Abby has been a sensitive topic since the release of The Last of Us 2, her trailer so far hasn’t been bombarded with angry fans. While there are a lot of negative and sarcastic comments about the video, there are also a lot of positive or happy ones. The trailer also has 7.7k Likes at the time of writing, versus 2.5k Dislikes, so it seems like some of Abby’s intense hatred has subsided at this point.

The Last of Us 2 Abby’s hatred was pretty extreme at the time of the game’s release and even before its release. A massive Last of Us 2 leak saw major story developments leaked online, including an act by Abby that left fans in turmoil. It’s hard to say whether fans would have responded better to the character if they didn’t know what he was going to do upfront, and unfortunately, we’ll never know. Regardless, some fans have turned their anger to Abby’s voice actor, as well as Naughty Dog’s developers, sending hate messages and even death threats.

Abby The Last of Us

It is not clear why Sony decided to release this new trailer.

Considering how controversial Abby has been, it’s unclear why Sony decided to release this new trailer. Maybe you want the game to be fresh on the minds of people going to The Game Awards 2020, where The Last of Us 2 hits the jackpot along with other prizes, even if that’s just speculation at the moment.

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The news of truth informs you that The Last of Us 2 is now available for PS4.


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