The Galaxy S21 without charger and without headphones


It seems that Apple it has influence on the rest of the producers even in wrong decisions. A new report from Korea suggests the series Galaxy S30 (or Galaxy S21) will arrive with no charger and no headphones in the box. We don’t know how much truth there is in these claims, although the source seems confident enough. The news is not positive and we have already explained why in an opinion article on Apple and the decision of the shippers. In it we tell you that the manufacturers Android They were much more difficult to make this decision and it could have had worse consequences.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 or S30 will run out of charger and headphones

The company includes a 25 W, a USB C to USB C cable and some AKG headphones also USB C. The packaging of these devices is one of the most complete in the entire industry, since the Samsung earphones They have a slightly higher quality than other manufacturers like Apple or Huawei.

The report we repeat says that two of the three accessories provided in the box will disappear shortly. The arrival of the Galaxy S30 or Galaxy S21 the market will lead to the lack of charger and headphones, following the same strategy as Apple. We don’t know if Samsung will also resort to the environment and box size reduction to try to alleviate criticism.

This is bad news, because Samsung fast chargers they are more expensive than Apple’s. It is likely that the Galaxy S21 or S30 will come with a fast charge of 35 by 45 W., so to take advantage of this power you’ll need to buy a much more expensive charger. Last year, users of the Galaxy S20 Ultra had to go through the box to take advantage of the 45W fast charging with a magazine of approx 50 euros / dollars.

Will Samsung lower the price of its devices?

An option that may be interesting is a sharp decline in the price of the terminal. If the charger and headphones are taken by a user but they lower the price of the device by 50 euros / dollars, there should be no reason for complaint. If you have a charger at home, you save this money and if you don’t have it, your cell phone ends up costing you the same.

It is a decision that we do not know if Samsung will make and for which we have to wait. Also, the information on removing the charger and headphones from upcoming Samsung phones is unofficial. It may come to nothing or that Samsung will deny it shortly if its plans aren’t those.

What do you think of Samsung copying Apple? What do you think of the charger theme?

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