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Reddcoin (RDD) is a social media cryptocurrency project designed to enrich people's lives using blockchain technology. The crypt strives to remove the blockchain and crypto complexity and returns a virtual currency that is easy to use and applicable to the general public. To ensure seamless connectivity, the platform constantly connects with social media platforms and networks. The Reddcoin team made receiving and sending money fun in the industry.

The cryptocurrency made its debut in 2014 and since then has given people on social media the opportunity to access peer-to-peer services directly on their social media accounts. With Reddcoin (RDD) they are able to send and receive gift cards and RDDs at zero transaction fees. When you think of Reddcoin it is extremely difficult to ignore Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat among other social media platforms.

While most of these social platforms have their own supported digital cash services such as Facebook Cash and Snapchat's Snapcash, Reddcoin was designed to integrate with these platforms, thus eliminating the need to use other services from digital cash desk. In addition, Reddcoin users can "give RDD advice" to their favorite authors, social media influencers and other content creators. Imagine a "suggestion" as you would when you "like" or "beat a post".

The network uses one of the most environmentally-compliant approvals called Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV). Unlike high-power Proof-of-Work (PoW) Bitcoin (BTC), PoSV uses the least amount of energy during extraction. Reddcoin users are able to extract coins when they point. This feature is integrated into the official portfolio, a mandatory requirement for all Reddcoin users.

Regarding the future of this project, the network was pleased to have acquired legal documentation that defines RDD as a utility token and not as a security token. The documentation was released on 4 June 2018. Significantly, this means that RDD is now able to freely conduct business relationships with institutions that have great respect for regulations. Beyond that, it can overcome all geographical boundaries around the world without worrying about various global jurisdictions.

The team recently announced the release of ReddID Social Tipping Extension. The new version allows users to have only one ReddID for all their social media platforms. Eliminates the problem of having to track multiple blockchain addresses. In addition to that, a user is able to tip or be tilted with a single button. Details of how the new version works are currently available on GitHub. However, it includes features like improved Twitter title display and the ability to review the names before sending to the network, among other amazing features.

Reddcoin (RDD) is a $ 107 million digital asset currently ranked 55 th in the market. The volume of trade has recently fallen to $ 820.404 and the market cap to $ 91 million after the general decline. The current recovery is also reflected in the increasing volume that currently stands at $ 3.4 million. Most of the Reddcoin (RDD) trading takes place on Currency Exchange, which currently holds 49.38% of the volume in the RDD / BTC pair. Bittrex comes second at 48.29% in the RDD / BTC trading pair.

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