The Fundstrat cryptographic data reveal the institutions favor the bitcoin while ripple the Twitter rules

Fundstrat-survey-institutions-prefer, Bitcoin-While-twitter-favors-Ripple

Fundstrat survey: institutions prefer bitcoins, while Twitter favors ripple

According to a study on digital currencies conducted by FundstratBitcoin is preferred by institutional investors, while Ripple's XRP is the currency preferred by Twitter users. The research was conducted on two phases. The first phase, a questionnaire with 10 questions, was presented to 25 different institutions. The second phase was a survey on Twitter that collected almost 10,000 responses from users on the social media platform.

Compared to Twitter users, the institutions expressed more confidence in a bullish run for Bitcoin in 2019. In fact, 54% of the institutions' responses were in support of an increase in Bitcoin prices, while only 445 Twitter users have adopted a similar position.

As for the best cryptocurrency token in 2019, 59% of the institutional voted for Bitcoin, followed by EOS and Ethereum. On Twitter, users preferred XRP, with 46% of votes for cryptocurrency. It was followed by Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, respectively.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that the XRP token is the most polarizing digital currency in all industries. According to the institutions, the coins with the least sensitive investment theses are XRP and BTC. On the other hand, Twitter users believe that TRX and XRP have the least sense.

In terms of similarity, both users and Twitter institutions believe Bitcoin has already reached its lowest point and expect its price to rise dramatically. In addition, the two sides believe that central banks, political stability and the US dollar are the most significant influence factors on the performance of cryptographic markets.

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