The flu vaccination is strengthened after the Butantan Institute sent more than 50,000 doses


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The offer of influenza (flu) vaccine, which protects against influenza A (H1N1), influenza B and influenza A (H3N2) viruses will be strengthened after sending 56,460 doses provided by the Institute Butantan, the main producer of immunobiologicals in the parents. The announcement was made on Monday by Mayor Arthur Virgílio Neto (26), who recommended using the structure already established due to the National Campaign against Polio and Multivaccination, which continues until 30, for the application.

“The president of the Butantan Institute, Dimas Covas, as established by the governor of Sao Paulo, João Doria, has sent almost 57 thousand vaccines that cover the most harmful and dangerous flu, with the exception of Covid-19, of course, which needs a definitive vaccine. So, I want to thank the governor, the Butantan Institute, and we will start the off-season vaccination with everyone’s help. Prevention is very important, since winter is coming and it also strengthens our body, so as to be less vulnerable to the new coronavirus, ”said Mayor Arthur Neto.

In the Multivaccination campaign, launched in the last 5 to update the vaccination card for children and adolescents, the Municipal Health Secretariat (Semsa) has strengthened the offer of the flu vaccine. The target audience is between 0 and 14, who will be able to receive the flu vaccine, as well as parents or guardians who appear as companions in the municipal health units, regardless of age.

“When the flu campaign ended in June, Semsa continued to offer the vaccine in health facilities, which usually happens because some of the people in the priority groups, defined by the Ministry of Health, do not seek immunization. With the partnership between the Municipality of Manaus and the Butantan Institute, it is possible to strengthen and expand the offer of the flu vaccine, taking advantage of the service structure already set up for the Multivaccination Campaign ”, explained the councilor for municipal health, Marcelo Magaldi.


Managed by the Municipal Health Secretariat (Semsa), the multivaccination campaign provides for immunization in 168 vaccine rooms distributed in the North, South, East, West and Rural areas, for a total of 18 vaccines. The list with the address of the vaccine rooms is accessible on the Semsa website.

In addition to the influenza vaccine, the multivaccination campaign includes vaccines such as BCG, which prevents tuberculosis; Polio; Pentavalent, against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and the virus Haemophilus influenzae B; Rotavirus, against gastrointeritis; Pneumococcus 10, which protects pneumonia, meningitis and otitis; Meningococcus C; Meningococcal ACWY (for adolescents aged 11 and 12); Triple viral, which prevents measles, mumps and rubella; Chickenpox; HPV vaccine; Hepatitis A; Double Adult, against diphtheria and tetanus; and yellow fever.

All vaccines offered in the campaign, which will end on October 30, are part of the Unified Health System (SUS) national vaccination calendar, but each has a different vaccination schedule, depending on the age group. Therefore, it is essential that the child’s or adolescent’s vaccination card be evaluated by a health professional.

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