The first retailers announce the third wave for the launch


At the launch of the PS5, a new wave of candidates could begin.
At the launch of the PS5, a new wave of candidates could begin.

PS5 will also be launched in Germany on November 19. However, due to limited supply and extremely high demand, many players * have to be patient. Plus, since the console won’t be on the retailer’s shelf at launch, it can only be ordered online. A protective measure from Sony due to the corona pandemic.

However, we have good news for all of you who haven’t received anything so far. According to several retailers, a third wave of “pre-orders” will begin this week.

Preorder PS5 from November 19th: all the information

What happened so far: The PS5 could be pre-ordered for the first time on the night of September 19, but after a few hours it was completely sold out. A second wave of pre-orders followed a week later, but it also ended quickly. At this point it was already clear that anyone who didn’t have a pre-order would likely leave empty-handed at launch.

As the MediMax electronics chain has now announced via Facebook, you’ll soon be able to pre-order the PS5 again. The problem: It’s unclear when the console will eventually be delivered. GameStop’s statement is somewhat clearer, however, as they’re also rolling out another wave of pre-orders just in time for the console’s launch. Here is an excerpt from a press release:

“Attention PS5 fans! We are delighted to announce that you will be able to pre-order more coveted PlayStation 5s at from November 19th. You will have them in your hands in the coming weeks.”

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Does the pre-order wave apply to all resellers? The question remains whether other retailers such as Media Markt, Saturn, Amazon and Co. also have a new contingent of PS5 in stock on November 19th. As soon as we receive new information, we will update the article.

However, it is very likely that, as in the previous stages, the supply runs out quickly. So keep an eye out for updates on the subject throughout the week. We will keep you updated on GamePro.

All the information on the PS5: our test

If you want to learn more about the PS5 in advance and how it works on Sony’s Next Gen console, we now have a detailed test on the site. His colleague Hannes has already been able to test the PS5 for over a week and informs you in his articles about the console itself, the DualSense, but also about the pre-installed game Astro’s Playroom.

PS5 in the test: big, fast and damn powerful


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PS5 in the test: big, fast and damn powerful

Will you try to get a PS5 on 19 or would you wait until it’s in the shop at some point?

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