The first 3 promising Crypto investments in 2018


XRP, TRX and ADA: a look at the "Next Big Thing" in Crypto

Recently, at least in terms of adoption, three altcoins, namely XRP, Tron, and Cardano anticipated the group. Now let's see what each of these coins offers and what makes them a good investment.


It would be safe to say that Tron had the most active 2018 of all Altcoins, which started with the launch of Test Net, a move that was followed but the subsequent token migration from the protocols of Ethereum to its own Blockchain. Shortly thereafter, it continued with the launch of Test net of Tron Virtual Machine, the announcement of the Super Representative elections and the most recent acquisition of BitTorrent, an initiative that is currently witnessing the creation of a project called Atlas.

More recently TR ON includes the currency listed on the stock exchange of the line, BITBOX, as well as in Bitcoin Superstore, which allowed its holders to buy goods from over 200,000 online stores.

The company's CEO, Justin Sun, seems to play a very active role in developing strategies and communicating with the community. The ultimate goal of the company is to lead to decentralization of the Internet and to revolutionize the entertainment industry

 Tron announces TronWallet for the storage of TRX coins planned for the release this week

Ripple (XRP) [19659005] XRP is a cryptocurrency developed by a company based in San Francisco Ripple Labs . Since its launch, XRP has made headlines almost every day. His goal was to enter into partnerships with the largest possible number of banks and financial institutions, and he was very enthusiastic. These days, the number of banks and financial institutions that have entered into a partnership with this currency exceeds 70.

Most of the partnerships have been implemented using xCurrent and xVia, but in reality xRapid is the only solution that brings with it the XRP token so technically, the approach to cryptography has not been made regarding covenants. Nevertheless, the company is working to integrate their three solutions to overcome this problem.

However, the XRP token has been criticized and even labeled as a security by many (four security causes so far), but the company has already taken action to resolve doubts and has made an incredible effort to separate XRP from Ripple Labs, which is the company.


Cardano (ADA)

Cardano was created by Charles Hoskinson, who is also one of the founders of IOHK . Hoskinson is also known to be one of the co-founders of Ethereum. Recently, in one of his interviews, he explained that he joined Ethereum Classic after a difficult fork due to a disagreement with the rest of the Ethereum team.

What makes Cardano unique (ADA) is that the group behind the token is a multi-disciplinary group with extensive experience in the area, so every decision is well calculated and performed. Cardano is one of the most stable and reliable coins in circulation. It is also decentralized and the team is making new updates all the time.

 The Cardano team claims to have solved the test (PoS)

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