The expert said: What are the ways to prevent pneumonia?


Pneumonia is among the most common and deadly diseases in the world and in our country. This disease, caused by various microorganisms, in particular bacteria, as a result of inflammation of the lung tissue causes about 12 thousand people to die in our country every year.


Specialist in internal, thoracic diseases and intensive care in thoracic oncology Prof. Dr. Turgay Çelikel said: “There are severe cases of pneumonia that require hospitalization and intensive care. This type of pneumonia, which causes low blood oxygen levels, increased carbon dioxide levels, and respiratory failure, can cause very serious conditions in people with reduced immunity. In some patients, the treatment process can take up to two months. During this period, close medical supervision is a must ”.


Typical pneumonia causes high fever, chills, chills, and shortness of breath, usually at 39-40 degrees. Clinical symptoms such as increased heart rate, bruising, chest pain, dry cough, yellow-green sputum and confusion may be observed, especially in the elderly. Blood tests show an increase in white blood cells and CRP.

The pneumonia vaccine only has protection against pneumococcus

The immune system and the germ protection mechanisms of the lung need to function at the highest level. The smoke paralyzes the outward movement of the carpet-like “Silya” structure that covers the bronchi and prevents the millions of microbes we breathe every day from being expelled. Likewise, conditions such as alcohol, general anesthesia, air pollution, diabetes, kidney failure, and cortisone therapy are factors that disrupt the defense mechanism. There are two types of vaccines to prevent pneumonia. One is effective for life, the other must be repeated every 5 years. These vaccines, recommended in the West over the age of 65, are recommended over the age of 55 as the wear and tear is greater in our country. But the point that shouldn’t be forgotten is this; The pneumonia vaccine only has protection against the most common type of pneumonia, Pneumococcus. It has no effect against other pneumonia.


Infection-related pneumonia can be caused by tuberculosis bacteria, viruses, fungi, or microbes. They all have different therapeutic approaches. Antibiotics are only effective against bacterial pneumonia. Medicines and the duration of use of pneumonia caused by fungi and tuberculosis are different. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted before using the drugs.

– Covid-19 is a virus like influenza (flu) and causes viral pneumonia. Although it is possible to find drugs that reduce the severity of influenza illness, so far only one drug has been approved for Covid-19 and is not yet available in our country.

Unlike the flu, the Covid-19 virus most often causes pneumonia in the lungs. This type of pneumonia has a typical appearance that resembles frosted glass.

– The treatment of an outpatient with good general condition and the treatment of a sick patient with another underlying disease is very different.

– There is another group called “Atypical Pneumonia”. This group also includes “Legionella Pneumonia” (Legionnaires’ disease) which passes through the conditioner and progresses very quickly if the correct antibiotic treatment is not applied.

– The most important cause of death in AIDS disease is a type of pneumonia that develops due to decreased immunity, and its treatment is quite different.


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