The expectations on Ripple and XRP to become a payment processor will result in the loss of investment, says Bitcoin [BTC] influencer


Tone Vays, a well-known person in the cryptocurrency space and an analyst, explained how Ripple's chances of being involved in the future of payments is 0.0001%.

The crypto-community is very attached to their coins and would do anything to argue and defend them. Many wars have erupted by involving prominent people in the crypto-space on Twitter.

Jason Silbert posted a tweet on his podcast with Tone Vays and David Silver on the tenth anniversary of the Bitcoin Genesis Block on January 3, 2019. A Twitter user, Matt Hamilton, commented:

"Jason, I just heard this, and I absolutely agree with you that in 10 years people will not care what kind of crypt is being used under the hood to make the transfer." The irony is that there are Good chance that in 10 years that payment you made to your child could involve Ripple. "

In the comment above, another crypto_hodler user commented:

"Probability very strong .. and you would not know that he used XRP to start"

The argument above seems valid for many people like XRP and Ripple have taken the cryptocurrency space and payments [remmitance industry] suddenly with their services like xCurrent, xRapid and xVia.

Tone Vays spoke at this point and commented:

"No it will not, and the odds that it's another Crypto like ETH, LTC or XMR are not 0 like Ripple but a small fraction above 0, let's call it a probability of 0.0001%. your money for this expectation. "

crypto_hodler rebutted with some Bitcoin cliched problems that are less relevant in the current scenario. Commented:

"Ok .. curious what do you expect from the percentage of possibilities that BTC would be more likely? Even if slower, more expensive, and even remotely scalable? Or I'm missing something – please enlighten me … you will appreciate – thank you"

Tone Vays commented:

"Chance of 99.999% compared to all the other crypts – maybe 51% against Fiat, which looks out for 25 years."

On January 4, 2019, Tone Vays retweeted the tweet of crypto_hodler with more refutation.

Other people intervened to defend Bitcoin, a user, Rob commented:

"You understand that the total XRP offer of 100b coins is almost 4,800 times the BTC 21mm that will ever exist, right? And the 60% or XRP is owned by the Ripple team.It's a centralized trash coin, single-use Lightning Network will end up solving BTC's current scalability problems. "

CryptosBatman also commented:

"Have you heard of Lightning Network? It's definitely not slow and expensive.

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