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No encryption in a platform is bad. A supported encryption is good. Two encrypted supported are better and three or multiple are just a completely different crypto scene. The platforms we use today will become so boring at the end, remember Orkut, Myspace, MSN Messenger? Yes, not even us. It's all about baby updates. You try so much to be the best and most forward of your game, because these social media giants do not maintain the same kind of effort for you, their user base, their product to sell to big advertising companies.

The new and well-recommended platforms, which think they are something in all of this, is not nothing in the world should consider integrating one or more cryptocurrencies just for the sake of doing it or to be more daring as the world has need. This will allow users to make transactions (using cryptocurrencies, normal money or a combination of the two) and to exchange virtual resources between them.

Encrypted Facebook wallet

We have heard about Facebook, yes, we have. The rumor says that Facebook is on it as everything that the Facebook hip wants to open its arms to it.

Credit card surcharge

I hate having to add my credit card details everywhere, I know that my friends also know that you know that this is a show of shit, Bitcoin and Ethereum can fill this lack of trust and in particular the Ethereum Smart Contracts can help automate money for work in an efficient manner that allows even more confidence.

Gaming economies

Video game environments and virtual worlds often present intrinsic and prosperous economies. Social platforms can allow users to conduct some of the business transactions from those worlds on social platforms. Imagine that Facebook games can now use real money, would not it be the double, triple, quadruple player ship?

Digital identity and Blockchain

We came across a Facebook account of Princess Johanna, Price Charming, Hottie Online, I mean it's fun to see it on Twitter, or Instagram, and yet it's still a bit disturbing, but it's likely to get confused in the right way, but on Facebook, it's FUGLY. Please stop guys! What are you doing with your life!

These fake spam stories made by sick uncles, distant relatives and gruesome stalkers can be shortened by blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, this can help cut alias shit and move on to real names, true identity, without lies and without deception and this is the beauty of it. Telegram Passport is one of the first examples of a social platform that has taken a bold step in the digital identity space.

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