The difficulty of extracting the Ethereum Classic (ETC) reaches its historical maximum


Difficulty of Extraction of Ethereum Classic ( ETC ), the open source distributed public computing platform, based on blockchain which features intelligent contract functionality, exceeded 205 terahash for the first time the miners were flocking to the coin that led to the listing of Coinbase.

According to a chart created by Kimi Sian-Yu Chen and tweeted from the official Ethereum Classic account, ETC's difficulty in extraction has steadily increased since the initial announcement by Coinbase . After a series of additional events, including Binance adding new ETC trading pairs the difficulty doubled in less than a month.

Ethereum Classic

ETC's price followed, rising from $ 14 to recently exceeding $ 20 with a market capitalization of over $ 2 billion for a short period. Now, ETC is ranked tenth in the AltDex 100 index ( ALT100 ), a benchmark index for cryptocurrencies and large tokens, after overcoming the major cryptocurrencies including NEO ( ] NEO ), Monero ( XMR ) and TRON ( TRX ).

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