The co-messaging feature for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram has arrived! news


Combined DM of the three!

The social network Facebook started testing last August and brings together Instagram’ı Messenger with new applications from the messaging experience, open to users in Turkey starting today.

With the innovation brought by the company, Instagram users will have the ability to switch to Messenger to access new messaging features, while people who already use Messenger or who are new to Instagram and Messenger will automatically benefit from the common messaging experience. .

With this innovation to bring Messenger functionality to Instagram and to have a similar messaging experience, regardless of the messaging application used, all Instagram and Messenger users will be available on both applications.


In this way, messages and conversations sent through Instagram remain on the Instagram application, while people using Messenger will be able to send messages to their friends and family on Instagram without downloading the application. Similarly, Instagram users will be able to access contacts on Messenger. However, features like the ability to reply to a specific message, forward messages, customizable chat colors and themes in Messenger will be available for Instagram users.

People increasingly prefer to communicate in a fast-growing specialty area of ​​Facebook dubbing the Middle East, Africa and Turkey Derya Matras Regional Vice President, said:

“More than a billion people currently use Messenger to share, spend time and express themselves with family and friends. For this reason, we wanted to combine the Messenger and Instagram experiences to make the best Messenger features accessible on Instagram. With this new update, we hope to provide our community with a messaging experience where they don’t have to think about which app to use to reach loved ones, making it even easier to connect. “

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