The Chicago White Sox want AJ Hinch as their manager


The White Sox de Chicago presumably they are interested in what AJ Hinch be your manager for next season’s Major League Baseball-MLB.

AJ Hich is the former coach of the Houston Astros, the same who was champion of MLB 2018 and in turn was suspended after being involved in cartel theft.

Now the White Sox de Chicago he wants to keep his services, even if his talent as a manager in MLB was called into question after being suspended for the notorious sign theft scandal.

For seven seasons with manager in Major League Baseball-MLB, five with the Houston Astros and two with the Arizona Diamoncbakcs, AJ Hich He has a record of 89 wins and 123 losses, was champion and runner-up of the MLB.

Here is the report:

How do you know, White Sox de Chicago gave a surprise this season’s MLBWhen they reached the second round of the playoffs, they were ultimately defeated by the Oakland Athletics.

It should be noted that White Sox they weren’t just interested AJ Hinch, but has also had conversations with expert Tony La Russa, who despite his 78 years wants another championship on his list of MLB.

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