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The CEO of Binance suggests how XRP can become a base currency on the platform

Members of the XRP Community proved to be resistant to making their voices heard in terms of obtaining their preferred digital asset added as a base currency on Binance's popular cryptocurrency trading platform. The reasons why the community has cited the reason why XRP should be the base on Binance are as follows.

  • It is already a basis for the CoinField exchange
  • It is the base currency of the XRP United Exchange
  • Weiss evaluations agree that XRP should be the basis
  • The XRP proved to be valid in the last week as it gained value while the rest of the market fell due to the Bitcoin Hash Cash wars
  • XRP is fast and has cheaper transaction costs
  • The XRP would attract more users to Binance trading
  • XRP has the momentum in terms of an active community and many developments with the Ripple company offering solutions for cross-border transfers

The CEO of Binance suggests how to get XRP as a basis

The XRP community has constantly asked Binance's CEO, Changpeng Zhao, to add XRP as a base currency on the platform. The requests were launched in late July and Changpeng Zhao has now hinted via Twitter on how this can become a possibility. In the tweet, he asks all XRP fans of put all their shillings under a tweet. The tweet can be found below.

Link Linkedin in Tweet

Further analyzing Mr. Zhao's tweet, we find that he has included a LinkedIn link that provides advice on how to get your currency listed on Binance.com. Of particular importance, are the following statements in the detailed instructions:

We require the project founder or CEO to complete the form. Why? If there's a bug in your wallet, a fork or a double spend in the blockchain, we need to talk to a key person.

This automatically indicates Brad Garlinghouse or David Schwartz

Members of the XRP community also linked the points and concluded that Brad Garlinghouse or David Schwartz should complete the form to obtain XRP as a base on Binance. One of these tweets can be found below.

The validators of XRP accounting books are also qualified

One thing to note, is that this requirement could also be filled by one of the many Validators on the XRP ledger. The Binance team said they needed to talk to a key person. The validators are particularly important on the XRP network as the Ripple company continues to take second place by selling its domain on the list of Ledger's unique nodes. Ripple wants the network to finally decentralize completely.

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