The Bittman scandal is growing. “Many fools, few intelligent people”


After much controversy over the statements made last week about handling the coronavirus pandemic crisis, Dan Bittman, the lead singer of the band Holograf, has found a partner with thoughts and ideas. Mihai Mărgineanu posted a message on his Facebook account in which he talks about the flock of those who do not act without question and act guided.

“Few people, the rest of the population, said a lamentable actor in the mid-1990s. That is, to understand the conformists of 2020, there are far more sheep than wolves. And for the strongest conformists of 2020 to understand, that is, there are many fools and too few intelligent people in this normal world.

Wise men always lived differently from the flock, were free and freely expressed themselves when they had something to say. The sheep, on the other hand, invented politically correct “, wrote the singer and actor Mihai Mărgineanu on his Facebook account.

He referred to the speech of his colleague, Dan Bittman, and the attacks he was made after the statements made last week.

“Dan Bitman is a free man, intelligent and willy-nilly, one of the great artists in the life of this people of which many senile sheep are a part. He is an intelligent and educated man, he has proved everything that needs to be proved in this world. He was one by one a student, a graduate, a rocker and a non-rocker, a successful presenter, a politician and a businessman, the father of three big and beautiful boys and the erotic dream of all our friends.

When a man like Dan Bitman has something to say, any intelligent person in Romania or elsewhere should listen that he can learn something.

In general, sheep do not listen. They swear and get angry in front of the TV! “

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