The bitcoin Hashrate falls en masse, the ASIC miners are sold at waste price


CoinMarketCap, a platform that serves the community of cryptocurrencies since 2013, now has an official Telegram group to educate the community on the latest events in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain with market updates, relevant news and educational content.


CoinMarketCap is the most used website among cryptography enthusiasts, with a great user experience. The platform provides a complete breakdown of the current price of over 2000 cryptocurrencies in the market. The price is calculated by calculating the average price of the best cryptocurrencies weighted by volume. CoinMarketCap offers essential data such as historical price charts, coin information, the ranking, the market capitalization of each cryptocurrency, the circulating supply along with the 24 hour volume for the millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

CoinMarketCap for traders

CoinMarketCap is also an excellent tool for traders to view the hourly, 24-hour or 7-day change in a particular currency. The information on the platform is updated in real time. CoinMarketCap retrieves data in real time from the main exchanges of cryptocurrencies and classifies the top 100 exchanges for traders to choose from and decide which one is best for them. In summary, CoinMarketCap can be defined as a solution for all cryptocurrency data that anyone needs to invest, exchange or understand cryptocurrencies. CoinMarketCap now offers a pro API plan that provides more robust data endpoints for subscribers.

CoinMarketCap Community Group

CoinMarketCap recently announced the launch of its official Telegram group which aims to connect the entire crypto community with market updates, relevant news and educational content. It is also a great place to link, share and learn about community-based cryptography.

How do you join the group?

To participate, simply download Telegram Messenger on your mobile phone or desktop.

Telegram Messenger also works on the web: After successfully registering on Telegram, you can search for "CoinMarketCap Community"In the search bar: Users can also click on the following link to join the group at the moment:

CoinMarketCap Chat Bot

CoinMarketCap also has an interactive chatbot: @CoinMarketCapBot that will allow you to have an interactive experience through the choice of your adventure on market updates, latest cryptocurrency news and educational content.

This is a great way to get quick updates in the cryptographic market. The whole operation takes only a few minutes and the interaction with his sassy bot is not only informative but also quite funny!

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