THE BALL – Miguel Oliveira, hero and barber (video) (Moto GP)

After all the excitement on the track – pole position, track record, fastest lap and winner of the Portuguese GP, Miguel Oliveira had yet to complete a challenge.

«It was the perfect weekend, but psychologically it was not easy to have a race like this. In the lead from the start to the checkered flag … a lot of things go through my mind, but it was a dream race, ”he told Sport TV. “As far as I know it was a bit boring,” admitted Miguel, who completed several laps in 39 seconds (1.39m) but only at the end believed the victory was his. «I didn’t immediately realize that I had won. I was so afraid it wasn’t the last lap … I was in a panic. I saw the circuit indicating that a lap was missing, that of the team times, but I still wanted to make sure it was the last one. When I faced the seat of the commissioner, which is taller, and saw the checkered flag waiting, then I was sure of it, “he reminded the channel, from where a challenge had started on Saturday – in case of victory I would have to cut myself. long hair commentator Vítor Martins, who saw his “destiny” marked as soon as Miguel crossed the finish line.

Machine in hand, Miguel took over, after the commentator confessed he hasn’t cut his hair since 1990. “It will be a hard winter”, it was expected …


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