THE BALL – Jesus tells “the truth” about Bernardo Silva (Benfica)


After the game with Belenenses SAD, Jorge Jesus was asked to comment on Bernardo Silva’s posting on social media, in which the former Benfica player leaves criticism of Luís Filipe Vieira’s management work in the recent past. The motto was set for Jesus to tell “the truth” about Bernardo da Luz’s departure.

«For many years I never wanted to talk much about Bernardo Silva, because for many years he messed me up from the point of view of the manager / player relationship. Everything is fine with me, now with the president of the club who helped him grow, who gives all the conditions for young people like him to leave for better clubs, he is very ungrateful. The worst fault a man can have is being ungrateful. You can have different ideas, you cannot be ungrateful, ”the eagle trainer said at a press conference.

“Sometimes he stabbed me for the left-back position. What I am about to say is the truth. It was I who brought Bernardo Silva to the main Benfica team, who brought him on the pre-season tour. When we arrived in Portugal he asked me what his ideas were for him. I wanted to know if I was playing. I asked him: ‘Nico goes out [Gaitán] or Salvio and you play? I have the opportunity to leave and ask the coach to let me out. I have a contract in Monaco where I can earn twenty times more than Benfica, I need to help my family and I need the coach to let me out. I told him to talk to the president. This is the fact that Bernardo Silva left Benfica. It wasn’t because he put the left side. Everton have just arrived and have already done some training on the left side to learn. I tell the truth after all these years because he was ungrateful to the president of Benfica, he did not know how to remedy what Benfica and the president have done for him », he criticized.


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