The Australian developer aims to bring Cardano payments to Shopify stores


An Australian developer has nearly completed work on a Cardano () app that will allow all Shopify stores to transact in ADA tokens and other tokens that run on the Cardano network. The project was developed voluntarily by Jeronimo Backes who wants to help bring utility to the blockchain.

The independent developer told Cointelegraph that he chose Cardano not only because he has already invested in the network, both financially and emotionally, but because he sees it as the most business-ready blockchain capable of scaling appropriately, adding:

“Unlike others, this is what I think was built to last. It’s not like Ethereum, EOS, Tron, and others that are still in a proof-of-concept phase in relation to large-scale enterprise use cases. “

It is open source to encourage developer input and allow for full customization and will allow stores to receive payments in ADA without the need for an intermediary.

All store owners wishing to use the app will simply need to select it from the range of payment apps available to them, Backes said. Once installed, users will send funds directly to the store’s private wallets. No one else will see the payments, he said.

such as Bitcoin (), Ether (), Bitcoin Cash (), Litecoin () and Dash (), however transactions are still facilitated by intermediaries such as Coinbase Commerce, BitPay, GoCoin and CoinPayments.

Last month, Backes encountered a problem with Cardano’s BIP 44 protocol, forcing it to develop a brand new wallet from scratch, pushing development back at least two months. “Essentially,” Backes explained, “the problem lies in addresses that require a small amount of” dust “to be seen as active by the network.” This issue could be classified as critical since, if not fixed, stores will not fully see certain transactions.

The new wallet will eventually support plugins, adding extra features such as automatic calculation and separation of taxes from the main pool of funds it contains.

In light of having to develop their own portfolio, it is hoped that the Cardano and Shopify integration will be released later this year.

Backes submitted a proposal to Cardano’s Project Catalyst, which could receive a portion of the $ 200,000 Treasury fund for winning bids.

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