The 6 main cryptocurrencies to be considered for 2019


While the year 2017 began with an exponential growth, 2018 saw prices collapse. However, there are still exceptional coins in chaos. Here are the first 6, in our opinion.

The 6 main cryptocurrencies of 2018

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple launched in 2012 and is a guaranteed payment method. It offers its users an economic and instant means of international payments. It allows banks to conduct transactions across international borders. Its transparency and low cost operations make it one of the best cryptographic payment methods for its users.

The fact that it does not require the confirmation of mining makes its book of consents truly unique. Therefore, it significantly reduces the use of computing power. It is one of the main digital currencies among traditional commercial institutions that are trying to revolutionize the trend of cross-border payments.

XRapid will help companies and financial institutions to transit without friction. It will also address the problem of "minimizing liquidity costs and speeding up cross-border payment transactions." XRapid claims to significantly reduce capital requirements for liquidity, "as reported by CNBC.

In addition, SBI Holdings' CEO, Yoshitaka Kitao, is confident about the $ 10 coin targets. Brad Garlinghouse also says that banks will use XRP products by 2019. The more xRapid is used, the greater the value of the digital currency.

Monero (XMR)

Monero offers its users a private, secure and untraceable cryptographic exchange method. It is an open source cryptographic currency, launched in April 2014. The funding for the development of this crypt came entirely from donations and was driven exclusively by the community. The use of the "ring signature" technique helps Monero maintain complete privacy in its operations and makes it one of the best candidates to keep an eye on.

With this method, multiple group signatures are displayed with at least one authentic participant. Since all these signatures look the same, identification of the real participant is impossible. However, such exceptional security mechanisms give Monero a dubious reputation. Criminal operations often afflict this cryptocurrency with fraudulent activity.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a relatively new digital currency. Launched in 2017, Cardano offers a viable solution to the most urgent issues affecting the crypto industry, ie scalability and interoperability. This cryptographic currency currently aims to find a permanent solution to the time-consuming and costly business of international payments.

His attention to this problem has led to a reduction in processing time for global payments from days to seconds. For Cardano's most enthusiastic supporters, it's a great alternative to Ethereum, bringing the currency to the top of the list.

Dash (DASH)

Initially called Darkcoin, it eventually took on the name "Dash". Dash works on a decentralized network of master code that enhances the anonymity factor. Therefore, traceability of transactions becomes almost impossible. Since its launch in 2014, it has managed to gain a significant fan base. The mining process in Dash is quite simple and can be done using a CPU.

At the moment, over 3,000 companies worldwide accept DASH payments. Almost half of those companies are in Venezuela. In fact, the country quickly accepted DASH due to hyperinflationary problems. Many are turning to the crypt as a way to store value because bolívar's exchange rate spirals are out of control. For this reason Dash accesses the Top 6 checklist.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

DOGE began as a "joke".

But nobody laughs anymore. The project made famous for its mascot Shibu Inu could prepare for a list on In fact, in an interview with Crypto News Blokt, developer Dogecoin Ross Nicoll says that his team intends to be included in the Coinbase platform. The very idea of ​​such a move could bring the old joke to new star ratings.

Two, Salt Lending has just added DOGE as a loan guarantee.

"Having recently updated its platform to include Litecoin, SALT has seen an increase in demand for loans from an international point of view, particularly from the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Vietnam," says Salt.

"The company is continuing the moment by adding a fourth collateral option to its customers: Dogecoin has a rich history and incredible support from its community, is widely negotiated, offers high liquidity and is built using the Bitcoin code base. – all factors that make it not only a viable resource to finance, but an obvious side-by-side option for SALT, as it allows the company to connect with the wider crypto community in a fun and accessible way. "

DOGE will now be a collateral option alongside BTC, ETH and LTC. Users can use their digital assets with one of these currencies to gain access to US dollar loans, making it a preferred choice in the world of cryptocurrency.

MobileGo (MGO)

In recent days, MGO has gathered considerable momentum.

This is because the gaming company Xsolla has announced that it will accept MobileGo for payments. In addition, Bitfinex has announced that it will list the assets on its platform.

"MGO will accelerate the opportunities for transformation for our community," says Aleksandr Agapitov, founder and CEO of Xsolla. "Game developers will now receive their royalty payments much faster, and MGO owners will soon be able to participate in peer-to-peer match games and organize decentralized game tournaments in a way never seen before." MGO is essentially the Bitcoin of the gaming industry, the most reliable cryptocurrency that Xsolla is making available to more than half a billion players today. "

Only this is an important turning point for MobileGo.

In addition, Bitfinex added the MobileGo token after a round of voting on Ethfinex.

Ethfinex has launched an application to vote for the open source community on Ethereum.

According to the MobileGo team, "Listing on such a reputable exchange gives a strong impetus to MGO's reputation, not only will it make the token more popular, but also increase its reliability and interest for current and potential investors. Secondly, it will attract new players, which will in turn increase the volume of token exchanges, contributing to its liquidity.Three third, finishing in the top three classified and winning the listing on BitFinex helps MGO to get a much wider recognition in the community crypt, as well as giving its supporters a sense of shared realization. "

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