The 2020-21 season will start on December 22nd and will consist of 72 games


At the end! After so many negotiations, the Association of players of the best basketball in the world approved the proposal of the NBA give Start the 22 of December the 2020-21 season.

Sources covering the NBA, confirmed that the NBAPA approved the proposal to give Start the 2020-21 season of the best basketball in the world on December, being a crop of 72 games and with some changes in free agency and pay limits.

Here is the report:

The season from NBA give to Start in the week of Christmas and what some league players and fans thought would not happen, a campaign begins 2020-21, no games this year.

In addition, the retreats of the different teams for the next season from NBA will start as expected on day 1 December, franchises have a little over 20 days to prepare for Start.

And also for this season from NBA starting in just over a month, the teams’ salary cap will be $ 109 million.

However, that is expected NBA continue to provide details on this 2020-21 season in the coming days, but the important thing is confirmed: Start 22 of December.

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