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Blockchain technology is hailed as the "new internet" by many of its supporters in the game. Although the prospects presented by the blockchain in the form of decentralization, immutability, transparency and lack of trust open up a whole new world, it may not be the new Internet as it is not something that could affect the life of every individual on this planet going forward. .

Stefano Covolan is the founder of Korporatio, a project that helps real-world companies adopt blockchain technology, recently got in touch with BlockPublisher while expressing his thoughts about this evolving blockchain technology.

  • Which industries can benefit from the blockchain?

Stephen: "I think there are 4 sectors that can benefit most from blockchain technology:
– Finance: in the sense of removing the need for caretaker as the user becomes his own caretaker and the intelligent contract can be very secure escrow models.
– Legal: Intelligent contracts have almost removed the need for notified documents or to ensure that a contract is properly respected.
– Media: a network that works entirely with blockchain can solve the problems related to the author's rights to create content, establishing clear rules and thus allowing content creators not to lose revenue
– Game: the resale of game items is already quite common. Blockchain could open it even further and allow people to profit from the object immediately. "

Stephen: "I do not think it's the new Internet, because not everything needs blockchain technology to work, it's definitely a better solution than what we have today available for some specific sectors."

  • How do you see evolving in the future?

Stephen: "Companies will use it in the back-end more often and front-end solutions, or portfolios to access dApp, will be implemented by default in browsers."

Stefano has indicated other sectors in addition to finance that can certainly benefit from the blockchain technology, even if the legal framework is one of these. Content creation and game areas can also benefit greatly from the use of blockchain technology in cores, since the decentralized, immutable and reliable system created by this chip-powered token around the ecosystem can open a completely new world of new possibilities.

Now, even though it may not be the new Internet, it certainly has the potential to remodel and renew various centralized industries around the world. It will be interesting to see how many sectors this technology integrates as we move forward with developments at a rapid pace to overcome the challenges it faces.

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