TessaB announces the launch of The Glyde Marketplace, a blockchain-based platform for buying and selling used mobile phones


FLORHAM PARK, NJ, 2 December 2020 / PRNewswire / – TessaB Corp., a technology company developing a blockchain platform to address market inefficiencies in the used cell phone industry, today announced the launch of The Glyde Marketplace (Glyde). Glyde will usher in the future of buying and selling used phones by leveraging new technologies to provide buyers and sellers with a higher level of transparency and security, thereby allowing consumers to eliminate the many intermediaries in the industry that unnecessarily raise prices .

CEO of TessaB, Flavio Mansi, commented, “We are delighted with the official launch of The Glyde Marketplace to solve the problems in the used mobile phone market. Right now, there is an average of seven intermediaries between a customer trading a phone and its next owner. Our goal is to eliminate these inefficiencies and also instill trust between buyers and sellers. The biggest obstacle to buying a used phone is the lack of confidence in the condition of the phone the buyer will receive. That’s why we have selected blockchain and other technologies. to create a more transparent, safer and more efficient market for used phones “.

Glyde is the first to put advanced mobile diagnostic tools that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and wireless operators use into the hands of buyers and sellers, enabling them to safely test cell phone health during transactions. The Glyde Marketplace is also the first to use smart contracts to minimize fraud and deter unscrupulous buyers and sellers that currently plague today’s peer-to-peer markets selling used devices. The global used phone market is huge and the predictions will hold true 67 billion dollars by 2023 second William Stofega, Program Director, Mobile Device Technology and Trends at IDC.

TessaB also announced that it has partnered with Near Protocol for level one of the blockchain. This will provide the foundation for a fairer market for both individual consumers and businesses, where transactions are more transparent and, as a result, prices more accurately reflect the quality and value of the device. With Glyde, business rules programmed into smart contracts to guide dispute mediation when the condition of a phone a buyer receives does not match the condition the seller has posted in a telephone directory, minimizing the need for subjective decision making .

“We are thrilled to see innovative projects like The Glyde Marketplace bringing applications that can serve millions of customers to market faster using NEAR. We look forward to expanding our partnership with the TessaB team and bringing even more projects to life. revolutionaries that create new markets and help consumers save money. ” Erik Trautman, CEO of NEAR Foundation.

Of TessaB:
TessaB Corp. is a technology company focused on reinventing the secondary market for cell phones and devices. Leveraging blockchain, AI and machine learning, TessaB is building a technology platform designed to solve the problems of inefficiency and trust that plague the mobile phone industry, enabling consumers to buy and sell with an unprecedented level of trust, security and efficiency. TessaB manages the The Glyde Market, an innovative peer-to-peer platform for the purchase and sale of used devices that markets the TessaB technology platform.

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