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Ontology and Spuul come together to design a new Spokkz dApps as an official tweet made by the Ontology team. Ontology is a platform that works for the multi-chain project with a collaboration of trust, on the other hand, Spuul is a film platform with millions of customers who have planned to introduce Spokkz, a new content dApp.

Spokkz is a species of Spuul that allowed around 60 million users worldwide to download Bollywood movies. With the new app dApp, the company wants to make a new move by making its tokenisation system more advanced. When customers settle with the Spuul platform, their Spokkz token will connect them directly with the media producers and will establish meaningful stories according to the wishes of individuals.

Coming to ontology, its basic strategies will adapt to the real-world scenario of companies that are mainly reflected in its framed form including the generalized accounting system, complete intelligent contracts, a framework of identity, exchange of data and so far.

Spuul in a similar way revealed that the new project will not be realized with the use of new hardware but with the technologies we already own. Spuul decided to run his plan using his existing projects to build Spokkz permanently using the Ontology infrastructure and create the designed product.

In addition to this, Spokkz will also use ONT ID which is a distributed ontology identity framework that will surely help customers on their platform.

Spokkz founder Subin Subaiah said the team is honored to work with Ontology. Ensures that the Ontology infrastructure with the great Spokkz user will surely bring a revolution in the whole token industry.

He also stated that the Ontology trust system and the Spokkz decentralized app is an assimilation between the two fundamental actors that are made for a decentralized economy. The collaboration between the two is a great success.

On the other hand, the founder of Ontology, LI Jun declared accepting the statement made by Subin and added that Ontology is continuing to explore a more innovative approach. He also said that Ontology is pleased to work with Spuul, which has the potential to manage a large number of users with an appropriate mechanism.

In addition, he added that Spokkz is designed to use decentralized technology that can favor an individual directly to media other than traditional centralized technologies.

The partnership between Ontology and Spuul will change the game for the entire token community. The collaboration between the duo will bring a more innovative approach to captivate more customers.

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