TCL presents a mobile phone prototype; Such displays reach diagonals of up to 17 inches (video)


TCL in the last year has presented prototypes of folding phones, increasingly unique and innovative. We know that among them there is a rolling device, which is back in the spotlight now with a demo of the prototype. Thus, frames with TCL terminals with mobile screens reaching 17 inches diagonal arrived on the Internet.

The next paradigm for folding screen phones or tablets has long been sought. It seems that roll-up screens would be the solution, even if their mechanisms seem more fragile than the classic hinge. Companies like Samsung, LG, even Huawei and Xiaomi all have patents in this direction. however TCL it is the only one that has a functional prototype.

The idea is to run and open a screen, using a series of cylinders to take up that flexible panel. Think of a rolled parchment and you will get the idea. A roll-up screen has the advantage of not bending the panel, but wrapping it around a cylinder in a natural way, without sharp bends. LG has already used the technology on mobile TVs, which was unveiled at CES in recent years.

TCL still wants to take it on smaller diagonals. In the clip you see in this article, there are diagonal variants that reach 17 inches, but there is also a 4.5 model, which when opened reaches 6.7 inches. The technology is expensive and involves empty sections of the device in which to “hide” the scrolling screen.

I think we will have to wait at least a year or two for such a phone to materialize.

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