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What price would the Earth have if we sold it?

This seemingly unanswered question is one a scientist has asked himself. We know that our planet has great resources, as we also know that, if there were an already unlikely price, it would be tremendously difficult to reach. a concrete figure. As reported in Tree hugger, researcher Greg Laughlin, assistant …

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Cypherium, a provider of interoperability solutions for blockchain-based digital currencies, finalizes public sale, raising $ 28 million in total

Cypherium, a company-focused Distributed Ledger Tech (DLT) platform that aims to facilitate interoperability between blockchain and central bank digital currencies (CBDC), revealed on November 18, 2020 that it has finalized its public sale round and has now acquired $ 28 million in capital through the sale of its native token, …

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Who is Warner Bros. negotiating with to replace Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Beasts” / What Christopher Nolan says about sound in his films / Huge historical coincidence in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Showbiz

Christopher Nolan isn’t worried that you can’t hear dialogue in his films. Nolan addressed some of the criticisms leveled at him for editing the sound of his films, saying his dissatisfaction leaves him “a little shocked when I realize how conservative people are when it comes to sound”. Nolan discussed …

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