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Chip maker AMD buys rival Xilinx for $ 35 billion

[ad_1] Computer processor designer Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) will step up competition with its main rival Intel Corp in the industry by acquiring its rival Xilinx for a $ 35 billion valuation. According to AMD today, a chip design company employing 13,000 engineers will be formed after the deal, …

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MIT, Stanford and others to build blockchain payments network to rival VisaNet

[ad_2][ad_1] Seven major universities are working together to develop a digital currency network that solves blockchain 's scalability and performance problems before public confidence in the technology erodes. Funded by a Swiss-based non-profit organization, the cryptocurrency application, called Unit-e, and its blockchain-based payment system is expected to be launched in …

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Complete the rigid fork while the blocks of bricks form the rival blockchain

[ad_1] The distributed cloud storage blockchain network Both successfully completed a programmed fork hard, modifying its consent rules to prevent the extraction of some specialized hardware on the network. "Everything works normally now," David Vorick, co-founder and CEO of Nebulous, the for-profit company behind the Sia network, told CoinDesk. The …

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