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Ziruo releases a support plan for tenants and eggshell owners with a maximum grant of nearly a month’s rent_ 东方 Fortune.com

[ad_1] Original title: Ziru released a support plan for eggshell tenant owners, with a maximum grant of nearly a month’s rent On December 4th, Ziru released a plan called “Warm Winter Guardian” on his app, aimingEggshell ApartmentsOf owners and tenantsSupport.Ziru expressed his willingness to do his best to helpEggshell ApartmentsThe …

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Exchange of Crypto Monex owner of Coincheck to start Crypto Trading in the United States starting from the first quarter of 2019

[ad_2][ad_1] The online broker Monex Group, known for buying Coincheck in Japan, has announced that it will start cryptocurrency trading in the United States, according to Cointelegraph Japan on Wednesday 12 December. Monex held a conference in Tokyo, where John Bartleman, president of the American subsidiary Monex, TradeStation Group, Inc. …

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Report: Troubled Crypto Exchange Wex finds a new owner

[ad_1] exchanges Wex cryptocurrency exchange, successor to the infamous BTC-e, has a new owner. Dmitry Havchenko, a former Ukrainian businessman who became a separatist fighter, said he had bought the coin exchange platform through a family member. Now he wants to restore it and even track down the lost "Vinnik's …

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