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Natural selection also increases the adaptability of the organism

[ad_1] Everywhere we look in the natural world, there is evidence of natural selection: the resin armor of a lodgepole pine cone evolved to defend itself against seed-hungry birds and squirrels, or a giraffe’s long neck was evolutionarily favored to reach high vegetation that the competition cannot touch. Natural selection …

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“My belly is still very soft”

[ad_1] Former “Love on Top” contestant Andreia Silva presented herself, without prejudice, on Instagram. Shameless. that’s how Andreia Silva appeared on Instagram this Tuesday, the 24. In two photos, the first “Love first of all“put me on underwear, showing her physical form three months after being a mother for the …

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Short bursts of exercise are not a fashion

[ad_1] Short bursts of intense exercise aren’t too good to be true when it comes to returning to post COVID-19 blocking form. And it can help build a stronger, healthier heart. Dr Andrew Keech, an exercise physiology researcher at the University of NSW Medicine, says high-intensity interval training, known as …

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