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Russia: what are the rumors about Putin’s health?

D.The diseases Vladimir Putin allegedly has range from cancer to Parkinson’s. In any case, his resignation is imminent. For several weeks, such reports have been persecuted by the international media and Russian social networks. One Moscow expert is usually cited: Valery Solowej, a former professor at the elite university of …

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Donald Trump’s amateur “coup” Chronicle

One day historians and journalists will recount what has happened in the United States in the last three dramatic weeks, which represented one of the greatest challenges to the American constitutional system. Once again the institutions resisted. If Donald Trump’s simple election victory had harmful effects, the falsification of the …

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Can the blockchain save democracy? – Lexology

Several weeks after the US election, and despite Joe Biden being called to victory, the perception persists in some quarters that the election was undermined by alleged voting irregularities. The coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures have brought particular challenges in the administration of these elections. Even in a normal …

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