Swiss app: Typewise cancels the “Cave of the Lions”


Not just one, but three lions want to secure a part of the Swiss Typewise app. However, there was still criticism.

This is what happened to the founders of Typewise in the “Lion’s Den”.


  • On Tuesday evening, the Swiss Typewise app visited the “Swiss Lion’s Cave”.

  • The founders managed to convince three lions of their product.

  • The other lions, however, dared to doubt.

  • Co-founders David Eberle and Janis Berneker are extremely pleased with the result.

The long wait is over: Tuesday night it was finally Showtime for David Eberle and Janis Berneker, who developed the Swiss Typewise app. Their big appearance in the “Höhle der Löwen Schweiz” hit the screens at 8.15pm. And now it is finally clear: the two co-founders have made it.

Not just one of the lions, but three could be persuaded to invest in “Typewise”. Originally, Eberle and Berneker asked for 250,000 francs for a 7% stake in their company. A counter offer from Anja Graf, Roland Brack and Bettina Hein for 250,000 francs at 15% was countered by the founders of Typewise with the question if more was possible. Eventually the lions settled for 300,000 francs for 15 percent of the company. Obviously relieved, Berneker and Eberle accepted the offer.

“We are proud”

“We are very happy!” Said Eberle after the successful performance. “Our intensive preparations have paid off. We are also a little proud that we were able to convince experienced investors who have created a tech company themselves and understand this very well, both from Typewise and from us. “

They are completely satisfied with the result: “It couldn’t have been better. We will work closely with both Bettina Hein and Roland Brack. Bettina Hein advises us on strategy and marketing and Roland Brack supports us in further product development. “

Typewise is an app developed by the two Swiss artists David Eberle and Janis Berneker. He overturns the concept of traditional keyboards and rearranged the letters into a hexagonal shape. “Conventional keyboards are designed for older typewriters and computers that use the ten-finger system. However, this doesn’t apply to a phone where you mainly type with your thumb, ”explains Eberle.

The app is free, but users can pay monthly for premium features. Like traditional cell phone keyboards, Typewise has a prediction function that suggests words and learns the user’s vocabulary over time. Unlike keyboards like Swiftkey, words learned are not stored in the cloud, only on the device. “Data protection is our top priority,” Eberle said. The keyboard not only offers a different layout and a different prediction function, but also a new technology that should radically improve the automatic correction with the help of artificial intelligence.

It wasn’t clear from the start that it would end up so successful for the two co-founders. “I’m not usually a fan of the app business at all,” Hein said first. Graf also agreed: “Yeah, it’s actually pretty old-fashioned.”

Skeptical voice

Additionally, Lions were skeptical of the app’s funding model. “The business model doesn’t open up to me completely,” says Tobias Reichmuth. “Other companies can just copy it and change it just a little bit. This breaks the patent. “Therefore, the success of this keyboard depends on whether it goes viral or not. Reichmuth wished the founders good luck, but for that reason he retired as an investor.

Ultimately, that didn’t change the other lions from their decision. “This is obviously still very speculative,” Hein says, after the two developers have left the “cave”. “But if Apple buys it, you can get a good deal.” Berneker and Eberle are also enthusiastic: “After the show we were obviously very happy, because with the investment we can really accelerate with Typewise!”

This is what the Typewise app looks like.


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