SWELL 2018 could send the XRP price of Ripple to the sky



For many of us, Ripple's XRP is one of the greatest enigmas ever in the cryptic world. Actually, the third largest cryptocurrency in the market capitalization has had considerable ups and downs during its existence, so even when the currency seems to be on top at some point things get a little bit complicated. a fact that has led us only to be practically without traces on the crypt.

However, this perception may end soon, as some of the doubts will finally be clarified in the SWELL event to be held October 1-2. [19659003] In relation to SWELL, it is an event hosted by the company behind the XRP token that "connects the world's leading experts on policies, payments and technology to the most challenging dialogue in global payments" as the web page describes. event itself.

After the huge success of last year, SWELL is coming for a second round in which some of the most reputable financial sector institutions will discuss the cross-border payment landscape around the world, and from there, all of us we expect Ripple to surprise with big announcements. We see all the details.

SWELL and xRapid Solution

As mentioned on several occasions, although Ripple has built the largest relationship with the financial sector, especially with central and commercial banks, these alliances have been achieved primarily through xVia and xCurrent , solutions that actually have nothing to do with the XRP token. In this sense, we've all wondered, when will the time be for xRapid (the Ripple product that uses XRP)? Well, the time has come.

xRapid, Ripple Labs' liquidity solution, has finally passed beta tests and is now ready to be introduced into financial institutions.

Recall that last week Ripple signed a partnership with the NCB to test xRapid as a cross-border payment solution and, moreover, Mercuryfx and SBI are already testing the solution that complements the XRP token.

In this way, what we expect most is that in the highly publicized advertising The incoming event, Ripple announces which other financial institutions are already testing the liquidity solution, or at least what approaches have been made in relation to this.

Recall that when it comes to actions undertaken in the banking sector, most tend to follow one another to maintain competitiveness in the framework. So it is only a matter of adoption by the rest to follow the trend, and this would lead to the upward price of the XRP token accordingly.

For its part, SWELL will be an important event also for Ripple as it will bring the approval of figures such as the head of the Saudi monetary authority's innovation, Mohsen Alzahrani, and the representative of the central banks of Latin America, Marcello Yared.


We can all expect good results for the XRP price in the coming days. In fact, this is the second week in which the cryptographic market shows a certain stability (still in red, however), and Ripple has followed this trend even growing at a 1% during this period.

In both the short and long term, the XRP token is a safe investment right now, and the price could even reach $ 0.70 after the SWELL event, a fact that would repeat last year's success year when Ripple showed significant increases in the fourth quarter of the year. Stay tuned.

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