Survey: only 51% of French would agree to be vaccinated against Covid-19 –


An Ipsos survey found that nearly half of French people refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

A recent poll Ipsos, made with more than 18,000 adults in 15 different countries, and published last Thursday, revealed that the French are rather unfavorable to a vaccine against the coronavirus. Only 54% of respondents in France are in favor of a Covid-19 vaccine, relationship BFMTV.

The same opinion poll also revealed that in France, only 12% of respondents said they will be vaccinated soon after an effective vaccine is discovered. At the same time, 38% of them will agree to receive the vaccine in less than three months and 54% during the year. Only a little more than one in two French people would be vaccinated after one year of marketing Covid-19 vaccine.

Among the reasons why the French are reluctant to get vaccinated coronavirus There is concern about possible side effects (32%) or due to rushed clinical trials (35%).

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