Study: Beer – A Better Pain Relief Than Paracetamol


If your head hurts, you get the impression that the room you are in is spinning and your stomach feels “shaking”, the idea of ​​taking a pain reliever sounds pretty good.

But according to a new study, there is a more effective remedy. And not just for a hangover – according to this study, Two mugs of beer are more effective for pain relief than a classic pain reliever.

Conducting a meta-research, based on 18 previous studies, researchers at the University of Greenwich in the UK found that two mugs of beer can reduce the intensity of physical discomfort by 25%.

By increasing the blood alcohol concentration by about 0.08%, this drink gives the body “a small increase in the pain resistance threshold” and, therefore, contributes to a “moderate to consistent” reduction in the intensity of the pain, “say the authors. Research.

“Alcohol is a effective analgesic, which offers a clinically relevant reduction in pain intensity, which could explain alcohol abuse by those suffering from persistent pain, despite the potentially harmful long-term health consequences of this drink. the study authors explained.

It is unclear at this time whether alcohol reduces pain by affecting brain receptors or by reducing feelings of anxiety, leading people to say that “the pain isn’t that bad.”

“Alcohol can be compared to opioids like codeine, and its effects are stronger than those of acetaminophen,” said Dr Trevor Thompson, a researcher at the University of Greenwich in London and coordinator of the study.

However, the experts also issued a warning in this regard and said the results of the new study it doesn’t mean that alcohol is always beneficial, especially if consumed in excess.

The UK government’s health guide has set a maximum alcohol limit of 14 alcohol per week for men and women. This amount is equivalent to six mugs of beer a week or six 175-milliliter glasses of wine.

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