Streinu Cercel: “The flu is cured. There is a medicine, which is used and in 24 hours it takes the hand “


Dr Streinu Cercel, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Bals”, says he does not understand why some family doctors do not currently prescribe the best medicine to treat flu. This is Oseltamivir, which is sold under the name Tamiflu. This drug has excellent effects even 24 hours after administration.

“The flu is treated with antiviral drugs and there is a drug Oseltamivir, which is used and takes you by the hand in 24 hours. As such, they must be used. Now I have seen that many doctors do not prescribe Oseltamivir, they do not want to. prescribe Oseltamivir, that someone told them they are not allowed to write. Sir, let’s put all our minds in mind. I understand defensive medicine and that everyone should only do what is in their territory, but in such a situation everyone should put on his shoulders to limit the spread of the virus. I gave him Tamiflu, please, Oseltamivir, I stopped the manifestation and transmission of the virus to the population. And I get 2 things: the patient is fine and does not make anyone else sick “, he said the doctor.

The doctor also said some time ago what is the most effective treatment for fever.

There are several ways to reduce fever. In a situation like this, the body needs to stay hydrated, which is why it is recommended to consume large amounts of fluids. Rest is another important factor and Prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu Cercel also talked about another way to reduce fever at home.

“The most exposed are those with lung disease, diabetes, vascular disease, chronic kidney disease, cancer and central nervous system disease. If you have a fever, wrap it in a wet towel, do more than any paracetamol or nurophen. Stay in touch by phone. with the family doctor who will explain how to act “, said Prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu Cercel.

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