Stopping receiving spam calls is simple on Google’s Android


We are getting more and more calls that we don’t want and that we consider spam, above all, that constantly annoy us. There is certainly no direct and fast way to filter them, without resorting to apps that are not always reliable.

Google has been working in this area and therefore wants to help Android users. The Your Phone app contains news in this area and can already be used. So learn how to stop receiving spam calls on Google’s Android.

Spam calls from Google Android phones

The Google Phone app has collected essential features for users. This already allows for some filtering, especially when it comes to eliminating unwanted calls from the user.

The Google Phone app can filter calls

Those who use this standard app, and it can be an increasing number of users, mainly has the possibility to immediately activate all the spam filters. This way, you can be free from all these time-stealing phone calls from the user.

To do this, they have to open the settings and choose the Caller ID and spam option. Inside, you need to activate 2 options present. Let's talk about See Caller ID and Spam and also Spam Call Filter.

Spam must be identified by Android

However, you still need to choose which app will be used to identify these calls. To do this, they need to open the settings and go to the default Applications area. It depends on the manufacturers, but it will always be in the Android application area.

Here inside you will find an option without any app defined, associated with identifying calls and spam. You have to choose this and inside you will see the available options. They have to select the one associated with the Google app, namely Mobile.

From then on, the user will be shown calls identified as spam. However, he will only respond if you really want to and if you want to be bothered. If you don't have access to this app from Google, just log into the test program if it will install quickly.

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