Stellar Lumens (XML) shows real competition against major currencies such as EOS and XRP


After the violent sell-off that is taking place in the last week, the community finally managed to see a few green percentages for the last two days. Following the bears and telling them, many traders used this opportunity to buy. However, looking at the last 7 days, the only gain is Stellar Lumens (XLM) with 5.71%. With the most recent development, it is not surprising.

  XLM Trading

Source: coinmarketcap Market Cap – Final Price 7d

Stellar XLM in Crypto-Verse

In 2014, using what Jed McCaleb had learned through the development process by Ripple "Ripple protocol", McCaleb started the non-profit Stellar Development Foundation, which eventually led to the creation of the Stellar Consensus Protocol and the XLM currency. Before it was part of the infamous trading platform Mt. Gox and its parent company Ripple.

Back to the present, Stellar's technology features a front-row competitor for Ripple's XRP and other financial sector improvement solutions. This is why the team must keep the good news to tiptoe against Ripple. This last is known in the community for daily debut news.

It's a good time to announce a team that will improve the use of Stellar Lumens XLM globally. SHIFT Markets has announced a new partnership with Lightyear to integrate Stellar technology into the rapidly expanding market. SHIFT currently offers services of over sixty cryptographic exchanges on a global basis.

"This is an exciting partnership for us, as many of our exchange clients would like to offer Lumens on their exchange, and their commitment to providing low-cost financial technologies in developing countries makes them suitable for Our goal is to increase the liquidity and the use of Lumen for both the main and the exotic ones "- Ian McAfee, CEO of SHIFT

Paul Arnautoff – Director of sales and partnership at

"With new ramps and off-off ramps for fiat virtual currency, the Stellar network continues to expand its mission of financial inclusion and friction reduction in cross-border payments,"

The Stellar Foundation and IBM were in a solid partnership for quite some time. Noteworthy collaborations include the following:

Stellar Lumens makes cross-border transactional gaming with some intriguing news in recent months. TransferTo announced its partnership with Stellar to increase international money transfer. In this way, sending and receiving in over 70 countries will be completed very quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to EOS, if everything goes on like this for Stellar XLM is a few inches from taking the 5th place. For now EOS is $ 4,279,677.675 while Stellar has $ 4,080,816,588. The next few days will be crucial for both if changes occur.

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