Stellar Lumens (XLM) vs. Ripple & # 39; s XRP: Round Two


On the same path on how humans deal with a problem trying to solve it while they learn more, the crypto-verse has made its introduction to overcome many problems with which we clash daily. So, in a sense, most of the coins are presented in front of us with the idea of ​​making the world a better place. The issues that digital currencies face most come from architecture and the existing financial sector network.

Obviously more and more ideas have made their debut in the ecosystem claiming they will do better than others or precedents. Of course, with time the best technologies and versions of existing platforms have appeared. With great importance is the transfer of money / currency between individuals inside or cross-border area.

In the case of blockchains specialized in providing solutions to banks and payment providers to process cross-border transactions, 2 are the blockchain that currently dominates the sphere: Stellar XLM and the San Francisco company Ripple & # 39; s XRP.

Stellar Lumens XLM and XRP

The competition between the two began with the birth of Stellar XLM as Jed McCaleb initiated the non-profit Stellar Development Foundation after forming the parent company Ripple in 2013, which he followed with him leaving its active position. All this as Mr. McCaleb tried to intensify the transactional part of the verse.

A real key brand when the battle between the two has risen to new heights when the main Crypto-Exchange Coinbase has announced that it is experimenting around with 5 digital resources: Cardano ADA, Basic Attention Token BAT, Stellar Lumens XLM, Zcash ZEC and 0x ZRX.

This has raised a debate among the communities of competitors in the first row, while for a long time XRP enthusiasts they ask Coinbase team to add their favorite token on the platform.

However, at the same time, Weiss's ratings have spoken very well (and often) about the speed of XRP and how it could represent a perfect base currency for exchanges like Binance. That feature is by far one of the most important when it comes to transfers globally.

On the other hand, Stellar Lumens takes the step transaction game boundary with the partnership with TransferTo to increase international money transfer. In this way, sending and receiving in over 70 countries will be completed very quickly and efficiently.

The first round [Coinbase’s case] went to Stellar Lumens as many conclude knowing that the exchange denied the XRP test signs to list it on the platform.

R. Two – In an interview for Blockchain Podcast # 66 of Finance Magnates Anthony Barker, Chief Technology Officer [CTO] of the international money transfer company Tempo, based in Paris, he commented on the advantages of using blockchain for the financial sector and the reasons why the company's team chose Stellar on Ripple.

"Stellar was a natural species for us … My instinctive reaction was that [Ripple] is not so good for building the community … [It’s] much more like Visa / Mastercard … I think firmly that open systems can win in the long term. "

" We have worked with Jed McCaleb and its developers, and we have added compliance, so it is integrated into Stellar as a second tier standard protocol … so we know how to send name, surname and date of birth.

They added that very quickly simply because they are really focused on this case of the use of global remittances, "

This, no doubt, is the opinion of a individual / group / stationary and so one. However, we know that such events can influence and inspire many to look more in one choice than the other.

Although many choose other options instead of Ripple's XRP because of the widespread words that is too centralized, less than the nodes are managed by the Ripple company in San Francisco compared to the remaining 52%. Furthermore, Mr. Schwartz – CTO of Ripple, often labeled as Satoshi Nakamoto, commented on how their chosen protocol can not be controlled by the miners who can happen to Bitcoin or Ethereum becoming more centralized than people believe.

Knowing the tremendous need to improve money transfer and how difficult and frustrating these days to complete it at a greater distance, there is a great future for both projects. Every year the crypto-versa becomes increasingly intriguing and appealing to fans.

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