Staff Picks: Our 7 Best Moments From 2020 CrossFit Games


Photo courtesy of CrossFit LLC.

Highs, lows and everything in between; the 2020 CrossFit Games are over. After three days and 12 events, here are our favorite weekend moments.

Photo courtesy of CrossFit LLC.

The camaraderie of all athletes. This year more than any other in recent memory, there was a closeness, an intimacy between the ten athletes competing. And since there were no crowded stadiums or loud music, the athletes could be heard talking to each other. In a particularly intimate moment, Katrin Davidsdottir approaches Noah Ohlsen to offer him some comfort and support.

Mathew Fraser won an historic fifth CrossFit Games. We’ve been saying it all weekend, but Fraser’s performance is not only historic in terms of sport, but sport in general as well. Because he nearly swept the entire field in ten of the 12 events, and even then took the second, he was by the narrowest edge. What may have been the subject of debate earlier in the season is now over: Fraser is the greatest CrossFit Games athlete of all time.

Tia-Clair Toomey and Mathew Fraser train together. Before the start of Atalanta, Fraser and Toomey decided to do the entire workout together through running, handstand push-ups, pistols and pull-ups. During the event, you could see the two moving in unison, even wearing the same fishing hats and taking water breaks at the same time. The two champions gave the fans a photo finish at the end, holding hands as they crossed the finish line.

Justin Medeiros and Mathew Fraser sprint to the finish. In a classic Dave Castro move, the athletes were taken by surprise when they found that they would have to repeat the Ranch Loop route in reverse, returning up and down the hills for another three miles or more. Nobody heard this more than Medeiros and Fraser, who flew to what they thought was the finish line and were promptly sent back to racing.

Fans showed up at the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center. The gates were closed and the signs said no entry but the CrossFit Games still showed up to cheer on their favorite athletes. CrossFit Games staff even passed out the swag, and Chandler Smith and Marston Sawyers came to the fence to talk to fans, hangout, and take some photos.

Kari Pearce beat Atalanta’s entire pitch to secure a spot on the podium. Pearce’s performance at Atalanta, by itself, is one of the most impressive single-event executions in CrossFit Games history. For 48 consecutive minutes, 600 reps and 2 miles, Pearce dismissed challenger after challenger to win the event, securing third place overall and becoming the first woman to end the American drought on the podium.

Mathew Fraser and Samuel Kwant sprint to the finish. Kwant’s sprint to the finish line to nearly reach Fraser on the final lap of Sprint-Sled-Sprint was the closest draw of the weekend. The pair finished just 37 hundredths of a second, with Fraser overtaking Kwant. Even though Kwant finished second, he was able to secure enough points to stay exactly in second place, which is where he would end up at the end of the weekend.

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