Spreads of the XRP research volume, distinction of the brand from the ripple


XRP, Ripple-Despite having suffered a drop in prices today, after having registered a 100% price increase over the last ten days, XRP has generated considerable interest in the two previous weeks. While price appreciation and increased valuation are enough to draw attention to the crypto-space, XRP has managed to attract both the random interest of investors and the possibility of institutional money. on a large scale.

Last week XRP was in the middle of an otherwise obvious downtrend, which saw the currency fall to $ 0.25 and almost retrace all the gains of the bullish run to begin the year the currency touched. the historical maximum of $ 3.80. In the space of two days, cryptocurrency appreciated over 100 percent, reaching $ 0.70 before adjusting to a level of around 50 cents. While the last twenty-four hours saw a further decline in XRP, the currency managed to build a significant investor intrigue, partly due to the efforts of former parent company Ripple. Ripple, the blockchain startup behind the XRP currency, has been at the forefront of the cryptocurrency-finetech syndicate in the growing banking and institutional adoption. XRapid, the payment protocol that uses XRP directly for liquidity to create cheap, fast and reliable payments for the border and around the world, was announced to launch next month. Now, XRP has evidence from Google's trends that the currency is growing both in terms of popularity and taking away from the Ripple brand.

According to Google's online trend tool, which allows you to compare keyword terms by search volume, XRP has not only more than doubled in searches last week, but is putting the distance between its association with Ripple, the original company behind the cryptocurrency. While XRP has managed an increase in search volume for keywords, a sign that historically has given a good bodo both to price and interest in a coin, the Ripple variants and other cryptocurrencies of the blockchain start in relation the XRP token seems to fall on the side of the road. And for good measure.

While Ripple is still the main holder of XRP, with over 60 billion coins locked in guarantee, the company has made a concerted effort in 2018 to distance itself from the cryptocurrency. The company worked to promote devices that use XRP, such as the aforementioned XRapid money-sending protocol globally, but for the most part recognized and appreciated the value for both XRP and the investor community for maintain the integrity of decentralization in relation to cryptocurrency.

So while it can be argued that XRP has more to gain from a close association with Ripple, such as adoption through Western Union, Moneygram and last week's link with the top ten of the US bank PNC, the currency it can also acquire a substantial value as a legitimate cryptocurrency through decentralization that will pay dividends over the long term.

Having the form of differentiation between XRP and Ripple in terms of volume of keyword research based on cryptocurrency is a positive sign that more investors and members of the general public begin to recognize the currency separate from the parent company, a feature that Bloomberg found relevant enough to even dedicate an article. While there is a bit of confusion between XRP and Ripple, the former tries to make a strong push to support its merit.

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