Spotify alternatives to listen to music


There is no doubt that Spotify is the most popular virtual platform for downloading, storing and sharing music. But nevertheless, there are other alternatives that may be more suitable for some people looking for different formats.

The FayerWayer portal highlighted YouTube Music which, just like Spotify, offers music content based on previous searches on YouTube. This is a separate app from YouTube but retains the aforementioned query list.

For its part, Google Music is emerging as one of the best options over the premium version of Spotify. The platform has more than 40 million songs from all genres of music, but it’s not free.

Apple Music, for its part, has several advantages: has an exclusive roster of artists and usually ranks first when it comes to music news.

No less important alternative is Deezer, available in 189 countries and with a playlist of over 35 million songs. Its premium version is accessible for half the price of Spotify.

Finally, Amazon Prime Music is one of the services that those with an account can access Amazon Prime, which begins to gain more and more ground in the digital world.


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