Spectators annoyed by the order “The Masked Singer”


When the costume appears in “The Masked Singer” it is different every time. Only the skeleton seems to have a permanent seat – and viewers don’t like it at all.

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At the beginning of the new episode of “The Masked Singer”, presenter Matthias Opdenhövel usually presents the order of the acts. Sometimes the show starts with the Anubis, sometimes with the frog, but always ends with the skeleton.

In all four episodes, the star eventually appeared in the glittery white costume. True to the motto: “The best comes later!” Because the skeleton is actually a big favorite, especially when it comes to vocals, and many fans look forward to the performance week after week.

“Why can it only get worse afterwards?”

But after four episodes, the audience is fed up with having to wait until the end. Viewers vented their frustration on Twitter. “Oh please, the skeleton is obviously the last to sing again. Why the hell?” Asks one user, for example. “Are you afraid that everyone will go out as soon as the skeleton sings, why can it only get worse afterwards?” Another user asks.

Another is certain: “The skeleton, of course, the last, so that everyone remains there”. The question about the artist’s work also came up on Twitter: “Where does the skeleton work before the show so that he can always wear the mask afterwards and thus be only the last on stage?”

Some viewers believe Sarah Lombardi is hidden in the costume. And the reason for the last place is not ProSieben’s PR strategy at all, but Sarah’s five-year-old son. “Should you put Alessio to bed first?” A fan jokes.

The costumes at a glance

Currently seven candidates are still in the running. One is thrown out week after week. You can see all the costumes in ours Photo exhibition.

As in the last two seasons, “The Masked Singer” will be moderated by Matthias Opdenhövel. The badger jury, however, was completely replaced. Instead of Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey, Sonja Zietlow and Bülent Celyan are now sitting behind the desk. Third place is regularly occupied by another celebrity, this time Elton.


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