Sommerhaus der Stars (RTL): Online Hate Against Winners – “How Deep You Can Sink”


The winners, the immigrant couple Caro and Andreas Robens, moved from the “Summer House of the Stars”. A mega diss collapsed on her on Instagram.

  • The winner of “Summer House of the Stars” Caro is Andreas Robens return to their adoptive home Mallorca after their victory.
  • Of them Say goodbye to the fans them on Instagram.
  • But then one follows Hetztirade against the two.

Bocholt – They came, argued and won: this is pretty much how you can sum up the career ladder in trash TV that does Emigrant couple Caro and Andreas Robens in RTL-Reality-Show „Sommerhaus der Stars salts. In the end, there was little money waiting for them: 50,000 euros you might like winner of the current season to take home. Money they can really use now. Eventually they get up Bodybuilder with your Gym on the Spanish island Mallorca through the persistent Crown-Crisis just before bankruptcy. The two complained about her again and again financial misery, also in TV format “Goodbye Germany”. Instead of fully investing the profit in their existence, however, they first get under the knife Aesthetic surgeons. However, this meets sheer misunderstanding among their fans.

Sommerhaus der Stars (RTL): diss Hammer against winning pair in the net – “How deep can you sink, really”

Obviously proud of their “performance”, Caro and Andreas Robens said goodbye Instagram-Channel from their fans in Germany, because now they are returning to Mallorca. “The time has come. After nearly three weeks in Germany, we are returning home. It was a great and exciting time in good old Germany,” they write under their Instagram post. Two patches on Andreas’s face reveal the one behind him Beauty op. After his eyebrowsLift apparently the points have not yet been removed. your Beauty intervention campaign runs into them Follower powerful misunderstanding.

Sommerhaus der Stars (RTL): Hammer diss vs Caro and Andreas Robens – fans are completely stunned

“Actually I would have given you the victory after the first few episodes,” begins one of his followers Hetztirade. Particularly pity would have played an important role in this. Especially for Caro Robens, because she lets her husband “threaten” her and has no confidence in herself, continues the viewer. But they action, “spend the winning money on an eye bag operation and then complain about the losses due to the Majorca closures“, This is the” great cinema “for them.”How deep can you sink, really“, Just remember.

After all, the follower gets 600 likes for her statement. In contrast to the Robens couple’s answer: “The pure They speak for yourself “, the two are counted with three laughing tearful faces. So far not even 100 followers agree. And there are still unpleasant comments for the bodybuilder couple: “Are you okay? Andreas has a bad look around his eyes, ”“ Suitable for Halloween ”and“ Andreas doesn’t need to get dressed today, ”fans say of the two’s new look. (jbr)

Rubriklistenbild: © Instagram / caroline_andreas_robens

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