Soccer: Marcel Koller on his private 60th birthday like never before


BLICK: Mr. Koller, congratulations! Do you feel like 60?
Marcel Koller:
Sometimes I do … Last time I lifted a box and now I have a strain in my back. And my left knee is already badly damaged, I am walking from bone to bone. When I go hiking in the mountains, I usually end up sitting in the stream. Then it hisses, it’s so hot … (laughs) It was fun a year ago in the hospital after my mountain bike accident when I broke my shoulder.

Because fun
I was x-rayed in a wheelchair, with a fractured pubic bone and a broken shoulder. Then the doctor came and after the x-ray he said, “Jesus God, your knees!” I told him, “Take it easy, it’s an old story. Now my shoulder hurts.”

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