SIMBA Chain partners with Digital Leader Academy to bring blockchain education to high school students


SOUTH CORNER, Ind., November 19, 2020 / PRNewswire / – SIMBA Chain, which revolutionizes blockchain, aligned with a growing number of colleges and universities, has just signed an agreement with Digital Leader Academy to bring blockchain curriculum and certifications to high school students the United States. Digital Leader Academy’s technology curricula are designed for teachers to prepare students to make an immediate and meaningful impact on the workforce or encourage them to continue their technology training beyond high school.

David Wasson, SIMBA Chain’s chief executive for educational practice, says the Digital Leader Academy’s focus on emerging technology education in high schools has made SIMBA Chain’s easy-to-use blockchain educational tools a natural fit for programs. “Blockchain technology is one of the most in-demand job skills in the world today, making it a perfect subject for the Digital Leader Academy to include in high school education programs,” says Wasson. “Two years ago, you had to be a computer programmer to access the blockchain, but now with SIMBA Chain’s intuitive blockchain platform, students with little or no experience level can easily learn the technology.”

Like SIMBA Chain, Digital Leader Academy is a startup of University of Notre Dame. Co-founder and CEO Ellen Joyce launched the company in 2019 with help from the Notre Dame IDEA Center after recognizing the need for all high school students to be technologically literate and have an education that equips them with employable skills. Joyce is a graduate of Notre Dame’s ESTEEM master of science program.

“Digital Leader and SIMBA will offer a new course design where students will study a real-world use case and blockchain solution within small workgroups, combining collaborative learning with industry-standard agile development practices. . The teams will use SIMBA Chain’s blockchain training tools to demonstrate the feasibility of their solutions. This approach provides a fun learning experience that fosters critical thinking that results in tangible skills applicable to the workforce or further training opportunities. ” Joyce explains. “Equally important, lesson plans will be designed for teachers quickly and easily, minimizing class preparation time.”

Samuel Cowdery, vice president of the Digital Leader Academy, says that more sectors in the United States from advanced manufacturing and supply chain to fintech and defense industry are emphasizing emerging technology education to keep pace with the growing digital economy.

“In Indiana alone, 40% of high school graduates go straight to the workforce. Many jobs like advanced manufacturing require technology-based skills,” says Cowdery. “Digital Leader Academy seeks to prepare students for careers in these industries with an innovative curriculum that results in usable skills.”

The ultimate goal, Wasson says, is to prepare the next generation to lead the way with emerging technologies. “We want to show students what is possible with blockchain and let them reinvent the world.”

SIMBA Chain’s blockchain education module and blockchain certification for Digital Leader Academy will be launched in classrooms in spring 2021.

About SIMBA Chain, Inc.

SIMBA Chain’s cloud-based Smart Contract as a Service (SCaaS) platform enables academia, industry and governments to rapidly develop and deploy distributed Web 3.0 applications (dApps) across many blockchain platforms. SIMBA Chain was born in 2017 through a DARPA scholarship awarded to University of Notre Dame and ITAMCO. SIMBA Chain received TechPoint’s 2019 Mira Awards for New Product of the Year and Source Bank’s 1st 2019 Marketing Award. The SIMBA Chain platform supports Ethereum, Quorum, Binance Smart Chain, RSK, Stellar, Hyperledger and other blockchain protocols. To know more.

Information on Digital Leader Academy

Digital Leader Academy is revisiting the modern high school curriculum to align with today’s digital economy, offering school districts innovative all-in-one modules in emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain. The interactive lessons, supported by gamification and real business scenarios, are designed to complement existing courses in entrepreneurship, IT, supply chain management and logistics. Teacher preparation is simple, and students have the opportunity to earn valuable certifications in blockchain, G-Suite, and other tools that enhance both college and career preparation. To know more.

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